"We Miss Him Every Day"

Posted on 6.08.2012 by Amy

The Provider Project and Abortion Gang have concluded a series remembering George Tiller on the third anniversary of his murder. Many thanks to everyone who contributed. As we wrap up, I wanted to re-post the comments National Abortion Federation President and CEO Vicki Saporta made about George Tiller on Democracy Now. Her comments about Tiller's willingness to serve patients without charge seem particularly relevant after Chantal's post Wednesday saying abortions should be free. For some of Tiller's patients, they were. You can watch the full video interview here.

Here's how Vicki Saporta remembered George Tiller:

"He was a remarkably generous and compassionate physician, and we heard stories in memorial services all over the country from people who referred patients to him.

"NAF runs a toll-free hotline, and we referred one woman in the winter. She was from a Southern state. She couldn’t afford the care that she needed. And he offered to provide the abortion free of charge if she could get to Wichita. And so she drove there, and he found out she was sleeping in her car without a coat. And he instructed his staff to find her a hotel room, to provide her with a coat, with shoes, with food. And so, not only did he provide his care free of charge, he also provided her with lodging, food, and treated her with the dignity and compassion that she deserved.

"In another case, there was a young rape victim, Annie, who lived in a large Eastern city where she should have been able to receive the care that she needed. Her care was delayed. She couldn’t receive the care in her home state. And when Dr. Tiller heard about her case, he offered to take care of Annie. And when this very young rape survivor went to Wichita with her parents, she was greeted by Dr. Tiller and his entire staff wearing pink T-shirts with purple lettering that said 'Friend of Annie.'

"And these are not isolated stories. We hear story after story about the incredible compassion that people were treated with, the excellent care that they received from Dr. Tiller and his staff. He was a remarkable physician, and we miss him every day."