Honoring Dr. Tiller: A Collective Remembrance

Posted on 5.31.2012 by Lily

Cross-posted at Abortion Gang.

May 31 marks the third year since Dr. Tiller, an abortion provider in Wichita, Kansas, was brutally murdered while serving as an usher in his church. Dr. Tiller was known worldwide as a provider of compassionate, kind, respectful later abortion services that focused on preserving the dignity and integrity of his patients.

To honor his legacy, we and the Abortion Gang asked folks to respond to this question: How can the pro-choice and reproductive justice movements better support the people who have later abortions and providers who perform them? Below is a list of posts taking on this topic and thinking about Dr. Tiller. This list will be updated as the day and week go on:

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Honoring Dr. Tiller

Three Years Later

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