Stories from the Abortion-Providing Community

She has been a bright spot in my career. Dr. Deborah Oyer describes a young patient whose anti-choice views changed after her abortion.
What can we do to help bring that reality? Abortion provider Deborah Oyer discusses why she chose to make videos of herself describing abortion.
We get thanked more than any other doctor. Deborah talks about her patients' gratitude.
I kind of happened into it. Jessica* talks about how she became the first nurse practitioner in the country to provide a surgical abortion.
They’re back on the picket line the next day. Jessica* describes dealing with patients who are anti-choice protesters.
There probably is no hell as bad as where she is right now. Jessica* talks about finding religious support for a patient struggling with her decision.
Ultimately, this is her decision, and she needs to own it. Jessica* talks about decision-making and the wisdom that carries women through it.
I’ve got a secret. Jessica* describes a devastating conversation with an anti-choice in-law who was unaware of the work she does.
They were so relieved to get out of there. What happens when protesters decide to picket a rural house, and the target’s neighbors are all members of her family? Abortion counselor Brigit tells the story.
About a year later, I got a letter… Brigit talks about turning ambivalent patients away.
To this day, I get goosebumps every time I think about that. Brigit describes some of her most memorable patients.
It takes a certain kind of person to do this. Clinic worker Sue talks about her commitment to supporting women who have abortions.