Honoring Dr. Tiller: A Call for Collective (Blog) Remembrance

Posted on 5.30.2012 by Amy

Tomorrow, May 31, marks the three year anniversary of Dr. Tiller’s murder. In the wake of increasing restrictions on later abortions and mounting violence against abortion clinics, we at the Abortion Gang and The Provider Project want to honor Dr. Tiller’s legacy of compassionate care by hosting a collective blog remembrance in response to this question: How can the pro-choice and reproductive justice movements better support the people who have later abortions and providers who perform them?

Your post can directly answer this question, or use it as a jumping off point to talk about other issues, such as:

Why is it so difficult for our movement to talk about and support later abortions?

Reflecting on Dr. Tiller’s famous quote: ”Make no mistake, this battle is about self-determination by women of the direction and course of their lives and their family’s lives. Abortion is about women’s hopes and dreams. Abortion is a matter of survival for women.”

In your post, please link back to this blog post so that folks can come here and find links to other reflections on Dr. Tiller.

The Abortion Gang and The Provider Project will post links to pieces written answering this question, starting Thursday, May 31 through the following Thursday, June 7. Please feel free to forward this call for posts to anyone who you think would be interested in honoring Dr. Tiller’s legacy. Send the links to your posts to info@iamdrtiller.com and lily@theproviderproject.org, tweet them to @IAmDrTiller and @Provider Project, or leave them in the comments.

If you don't have your own blog but would still like to submit something, please feel free to email it along and we can feature it either here or at the Abortion Gang.