USA Today Article Urges Civil Disobedience by Doctors Against Attacks on Reproductive Health Care

Posted on 5.17.2012 by Amy

This important column in USA Today asks "Where are the doctors?" and urges doctors to stand with their patients against attacks on basic health care rights:

Physicians, both as individuals and as a profession, should stand with their patients. They should make it clear that they will not perform procedures, such as ultrasound examinations, unless they are medically indicated and desired by their patients. And they should refuse to provide inaccurate information about the consequences of abortion, or to follow any other prepared script in counseling their patients, particularly when it involves treating women like children.

Such acts of civil disobedience by individual doctors should be only the starting point. The profession as a whole, as represented by its professional organizations, needs to become involved, so that physicians are not left to fend for themselves.

Read the whole column here.