Wikipedia Asks Users to Define Abortion Debate Labels Once and For All

Posted on 4.25.2012 by Lily

Well, isn’t this interesting? Wikipedia has asked its users to determine what the sides of the abortion debate should be called, considering such options as “anti-abortion movement vs. abortion-rights movement” and “support for legality of abortion vs. opposition to legality of abortion”. I like the idea of this conversation; it’s long time to do away with the ridiculous notions of “pro-choice” and “pro-life”. (“Pro-life”, of course, is anything but. “Pro-choice” is a simplistic trivialization of the need for abortion, in which the consumerist concept of choice rarely enters the equation.) I would advocate for reproductive justice to become our dominant framework as the issues extend far beyond abortion rights, but alas, the RJ movement has yet to overtake the American public’s love affair with catchy little slogans.