Seriously Bad News from Guttmacher on State Abortion Restrictions

Posted on 4.17.2012 by Amy

I was getting amped up for the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Conference at Hampshire College this past weekend when the Guttmacher Institute sent me one serious downer of an email.

It turns out almost all legislatures that have convened so far this year -- and by almost all, I mean 45 out of 46 -- have introduced measures related to reproductive health and rights. About half of those provisions would restrict abortion access. All that in three months.

Here's some seriously depressing highlights:

*Legislators in 11 states have introduced ultrasound requirements.

*Legislators in 11 states introduced restrictions on medication abortions.

*Legislators in 14 states have introduced restrictions on abortions in later pregnancy prior to fetal viability.

*Legislators in five states that mandate contraceptive coverage have introduced measures to expand or create exemptions for employers.

Check out the full report from the Guttmacher Institute here.

Rather than getting totally depressed about the situation, I'm trying to focus on the work of providers and activists who are struggling to block these provisions and continue helping women access health care. It cheered me up to remember the thousands who protested the Virginia law mandating a transvaginal ultrasound before an abortion. Here's a photo of a young pro-choicer in Virginia that made me feel a little better.